„ROGER VIVIER” Rendez Vous Limited Edition Spring Summer 2013 Paris HD by Fashion Channel
For the seventh edition of the Rendez-Vous collection, Bruno Frisoni chose to confuse, to disrupt established styles and benchmarks. And create optical uncertainties. Cultivating illusion and fantasy, he summons unrest. The eye is lost in mystery; an apparently naked foot where, fragmented and dematerialised, a shoe is no more than a mere suggestion.

The central insignia is the Virgule (Comma) heel. Recalled by Bruno Frisoni for the Rendez-Vous Winter Collection 2013/2014, it is re-invited for Summer 2014. Historically, this was the first heel, a bold initiative, created by Monsieur Vivier in 1963 under his own moniker. With this heel, Monsieur Vivier once again confirmed his status as a true visionary.

„ROGER VIVIER” Rendez Vous Limited Edition Spring Summer 2013 Paris HD by Fashion
Reinterpreted in elevated heights for Winter, it is yet more defiant for the Spring-Summer 2014 Limited Edition Rendez Vous collection: higher, haughtier, its silhouette lethally sculpted.
Virgule heels and sandals enchant under the guise of Monsieur Vivier’s innovative 'Plastique Cristal’. Bruno Frisoni challenges this disconcerting transparency onto a leg or foot. Juxtaposed with mirrored leather, it creates an even more intriguing composition.
An assortment of mystification, simultaneously tensed between the aesthetic and playful. Provocative, intuitive.
Prismick, another Roger Vivier icon, flaunts soft volume with rounded corners and reformulated convex shells — in Plexi resin, „mirror” or sharp and piquant palette, inspired by vibrant coloured ice. With a fine, fluid chain, worn with elegant nonchalance, remarkably as if floating. Coquette, bejewelled with golden pearls and interwoven rhinestones or arty, arbours dream-like coloured clouds to capture every gaze.
The Limited Edition Rendez-Vous collection is set to suffuse its bewitching seductiveness through all Roger Vivier boutiques for Spring 2014.

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