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Ă€ son retour de New York en 2004, JEAN-PIERRE SERGENT a rĂ©novĂ© un grand espace industriel de 100 m2 situĂ© en plein centre ville de Besançon sur l’Avenue de la Gare d’Eau, dans la cour juste en face des locaux France 3 TĂ©lĂ©vision. L’atelier est Ă©quipĂ© de toute les machines et installations sĂ©rigraphiques (Ă©crans sĂ©rigraphiques, machine Ă  dĂ©couper les films, table aspirante, table lumineuse, Karcher etc…), permettant Ă  l’artiste de rĂ©aliser ses grandes peintures sur Plexiglas et ses nombreux travaux sur papier.

JEAN-PIERRE SERGENT, Artiste peintre franco-new-yorkais, il vit et travaille aujourd’hui à Besançon. Son travail est exposé internationalement depuis plus de vingt ans et plusieurs grosses expositions monographiques lui ont été récemment consacrées : en 2011 au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mulhouse, en 2012 à la Ferme Courbet de Flagey (Musée Courbet), et durant l’été 2013 au Kunstpalais de Badenweiler, en Allemagne.


JEAN-PIERRE SERGENT is a French-American artist, he developed his repertory of artistic forms in the United States and continues to work and exhibit regularly in France and the rest of Europe. He recently exhibited at two solo exhibitions in major French museums: the MusĂ©e des Beaux-Arts of Mulhouse in 2011 and the Courbet Farm of Flagey in 2102. In 2013, he had two solo shows, one of large works on paper: „Sex & Rituals” at the Omnibus Gallery of Besançon, France, and the other: „Cultures-Energies”, at the Kunstpalais in Badenweiler, Germany. To learn more about Jean-Pierre Sergent’s works, please visit his webpage:, and also like his Facebook artist page:

The new installation of Jean-Pierre Sergent studio in Besançon, France in 2005, will give him the opportunity to show his work into French and European art market. It will also give a chance to European public to discover a painting full of energy and spirituality.
„With his paintings, Jean-pierre Sergent is showing us a representational space in-witch images are affirming them-self, and a projection space were signs, words and abstract forms are entangling each other, and bringing us back to the body presence.
His last work do not give any room for matter. Matter and objects have disappeared giving birth to flatness were shape, ground and colors are mixing, interwoven. It is creating a special visual effect of life pulsation energies going forward and backward like blood into the body. This warm feeling is surprising because the silkscreen technic he use have been used by Andy Warhol which created at his time distanced contemporary Icons, staging usually cold and faraway.
This „painting without thickness” is meeting here with courage and violence the drawings f

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