A 5’documentary film showing Jean-Pierre Sergent working on coating his silkscreen frames with light sensitive emulsion in his Besançon studio’s to complete his new paintings on Plexiglas series: The Entropic Suites, Summer 2014: http://www.j-psergent.com/en/artwork/paintings-on-plexiglas/entropic-suites

JEAN-PIERRE SERGENT is a French-American artist, he developed his repertory of artistic forms in the United States and continues to work and exhibit regularly in France and the rest of Europe. He recently exhibited at two solo exhibitions in major French museums: the Muse des Beaux-Arts of Mulhouse in 2011 and the Courbet Farm of Flagey in 2102. Last year, he had two solo shows, one of large works on paper: „Sex & Rituals” at the Omnibus Gallery of Besançon, France, and the other: „Cultures-Energies”, at the Kunstpalais in Badenweiler, Germany. To learn more about Jean-Pierre Sergent’s works, please visit his webpages: http://www.j-psergent.com / www.facebook.com/jpsergentartist

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