Director Ethan Mark
Times 1 minute 12
Music JS Bach Sinfonias by Sonia Rubinsky
The Fractal House, architecture in relief with digital imprints under Plexiglas – decompose and re-composes the space of a house represented not as a fixed or finite place, but as an Itinerary made of paths, roads, intersections and forks.
The house is no longer a rooted place but a tree whose only reference point is a human silhouetted figure: moving within complexity, the network’s taking and releasing – the sight of the interdependence of man and his space.
This presence, which is no longer an icon in Meynard’s work, is the silhouette of a walking man from behind, the doppelgänger of the viewer who enters and moves into the maze of the Fractal House.
„Going into Meynard’s fractal world entraps our certainty. His works make us live space physically. Under the force of geometrical fragmentation, a choreography of folds, spirals, lines, diagonals and curves carries us spinning away towards a time/space vertigo.”
(Lydia Harambourg).

This work (presented at the Musée d’Evreux, Eure, France, in 2005) is considered a prefiguration of the future “Fractal Dwellings” which Meynard would create in the following years.

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