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The perfect companion for Flitz Metal Polish!

The Flitz Polishing and Buffing Ball is a Revolutionary new way to Buff and Polish ALL Painted Surfaces, Metals, Fiberglass®, Plastics, Eisenglass®, Plexiglas®, Aluminum Running Boards, Mag Wheels, Railings, Motorcycles, Antiques, Furniture, Awnings, Shower Enclosures and Patio Furniture. Also works exceptionally well in Industrial Polishing and Buffing jobs on Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass and Much More.

I use the Flitz Polishing Ball is to clean the rims on my truck quickly and I bought another one just for the shower. Just put some soft scrub on the ball and let it rip. With a decent cordless drill, youÔÇÖll get the mildew and mold out of the shower in record time!

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