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In this video ill show you step by step how to make this awesome diy lamp now power tools required. r
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Lamp Specr
– 9 inch Concrete baser
– Mahogany wood (found in a trash bin) r
– Not color changing r
– Adjustable angle r
– More info coming soonr
Materials r
– Led r
– Wipe-On Poly Finish Clear r
– Power Supply r
– joint Nut r
– Toggle switch r
– DC Jack (inlet) r
– Wood glue r
– Metal flashing r
– Plexiglasr
– Screws r
– Painters tape r
– Cement and sand mix r
– Disconnect connectors r
– Frosted Glass r
– Black Spray paint r
– Spray Lacquer r
Tools r
– Miter box and saw combo r
– Clamps r
– Chisel r
– -Solder kits r
– Razor knife r
– Wire stripper r
– Volt meter (optional) r
– Counter sink bit r
– Wood drill bit r
– Masonry bit r
– Tape measure r
– Drill r
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