Can you cut glass to any size I need?

Yes, Bear Glass cuts all kinds of glass and mirror to your exact specifications. Intricate tabletops or mirrors are handcut in our shop. A pattern can be made which our glaziers use as a guide. Plate glass or window glass, all safety glass, plexi and lexan are available in custom sizes.

Do you install heavy glass shower and bath enclosures? Yes, Bear Glass can custom design and install a beautiful bath enclosure with all kinds of glass and trim available. You’ll love the finished work.

Do you carry two-way mirror for security purposes?Yes we do. We also have round convex mirrors for seeing around corners and bullet resistant glass for high security applications.

I have children and want a large mirror. Is there some way to make it safe?
We have a safety backing which can be applied which holds the mirror together in the event it breaks. It is a heavy duty self adhesive mesh which is applied in our shop.

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